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About Coach Farrah

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Hello, I'm Farrah Haugen, and I'm a dedicated life coach for teen girls. My mission is to create a nurturing and safe environment that empowers inner growth. Working one-on-one with your daughter, I am committed to helping her find her voice, boost her confidence, tap into her inner strength, and discover her wisdom. My journey began with the challenges of my own teenage years. I enjoyed a vibrant social life and had close friends, but I also made regrettable choices. Throughout these formative years, I grappled with addiction, eating disorders, depression, and complex relationships with boys and men – struggles that extended into adulthood. Like many teenagers, I thought I knew it all, an embodiment of youthful overconfidence. Over time, I learned the limitations of my teenage self.

My perspective began to shift when I became a parent and met my soulmate later in life, who had two children of his own. We now form a blended family, which includes our vivacious 5-year-old daughter. I've always been uncomfortable with labels like "step" parent and "step" kids. I consider my husband's two teenagers, a girl(14) and a boy(16), extraordinary additions to my life. I see them as my "bonus children," and I strive to be a "bonus mom" - a forever supportive figure in their lives, never to replace their own mother but to complement her role. Each of our children, including my 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, has encountered their unique set of challenges during their tween and teen years. It became increasingly evident that the support available to teenagers was lacking. Overburdened therapists and a scarcity of resources left me searching for better options for my own daughters during crucial moments when they could have greatly benefited from guidance from a caring adult. This realization ignited a passion within me to become a life coach for girls. I recognized a genuine need for support, not only for my daughters but for other girls in our local community. My journey as a life coach began with the desire to be that much-needed support for adolescents navigating the challenges of their teen years, and I remain committed to this purpose. I bring a wealth of experience to my role as a life coach for girls, gathered through years of dedicated mentoring. My journey in coaching girls started as a gymnastics coach, a role I held for many years. In my mid twenties to early thirties I owned a female-focused business where I coached and provided invaluable support to numerous girls in their teens and early twenties, even before the concept of 'life coaching' had fully emerged.

Naturally, I assumed the role of a life coach long before it became a recognized profession. Recently I've expanded my impact by establishing a health and fitness studio tailored specifically for kids, teens, and families. This venture has allowed me to be a supportive mentor and coach in the lives of many children. My unique experiences in guiding girls through sports and as a business owner who has supported many young women have significantly shaped my approach.

Currently, I stand on the brink of finalizing a demanding certification in teen girl life coaching. Over the past few years, I've wholeheartedly dedicated myself to a journey of learning, continuous study, and personal growth. Soon, I'll proudly add this unique specialization to my repertoire as a Certified Teen Wisdom Life Coach™. Throughout this transformative experience, I've honed and acquired a distinct set of skills that will empower your daughter as she blossoms and thrives into her adult years.

This is an older picture but my teenagers are very difficult to lockdown into a family picture these days LOL
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