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Foundational Coaching Package

The foundational package, is tailored for new clients, this offers six weeks of comprehensive support. Our program involves collaborative work with both you, the parent(s), and your child. Our journey kicks off with an extensive 90-minute intake session exclusively for parents. Following our intake, I'll work 1:1 with your daughter in (4) weekly sessions. To conclude this transformative period, our final session will reunite with parents to delve into the progress and processes observed over the past few weeks.

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Development & Growth Coaching Packages

You and your daughter will experience ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions through our flexible 6, 8, and 12-week packages. Throughout this journey, we collaborate closely with both your child and you, the parent, to diligently track our progress and celebrate achievements. Together, we ensure that our coaching sessions yield meaningful and lasting results for your daughter.

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