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I'm Farrah Haugen, and my mission is to empower and inspire teen girls to embrace their authenticity, leverage their unique strengths, and confidently navigate the opportunities and challenges of their teenage years.

Your daughter will benefit from working with a life coach to gain personalized guidance in building self-confidence, resilience, and effective life skills. My coaching offers tailored support in setting and achieving goals, enhancing emotional well-being, and fostering healthy communication. This valuable partnership equips her to thrive during the crucial years of adolescence and prepares her for a successful transition into adulthood.

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I  craft strategies and techniques to assist girls in managing stress, cope with anxiety, build meaningful friendships & so much more.
Let's schedule an inquiry call today. 

Building Positive Life Skills & Healthy Habits

Navigating friendships, family, and relationships, including handling divorce.

Managing day to day Challenges, Stress & Anxiety

Goal Setting & Academic Success

Effective Communication

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